Kids Camp 2023

  • Lake Placid Conference Center

Are you looking for an exciting and meaningful summer camp for your child? At Kids Camp, camp faculty and counselors will create an environment where your child can explore the wonders of God’s love without feeling intimidated.

Through daily messages and engaging activities, kids will discover new ways to express their faith and connect with God in a lasting and meaningful way. From games and competitions to worship and team building, there’s never a dull moment at Kids Camp.

Our goal is to inspire kids to become passionate and confident followers of Christ, while also creating lifelong memories and relationships.

Join us this summer and watch as your child grows closer to God in a fun and exciting environment. Register now for Kids Camp 2023 and give your child the chance to experience the transformational power of God’s love.

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397 S 200 E, Hartford City, IN 47348

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Kyle Jorris

Children's Evangelist

frequently asked questions

What ages should kids be to attend camp?

Ages 8-11 (and sometimes 12) can attend kids' camp.

How much does camp cost?

Camper registration is $270 before June 1st and $310 after. A $50 non-refundable, pre-registration fee is required on the day you register. The rest of the camper's registration fee can be paid anytime up to the first day of camp. If you choose to pay your camp balance by credit card, there will be a service fee added and more time will be needed at check-in.

Does Indiana District Student Ministries offer scholarships for campers?

IDAG may offer help on a case-by-case basis, but it is recommended that local churches offer scholarships to campers.

What are the dates and times for the camp?

Camp will start on July 9th at 3 PM and end on July 12th at 12 PM.

When is the deadline for camp?

The deadline for camp is June 1st, but camps can fill up quickly. It is recommended to set a group deadline in early May or even April to ensure enough time for registration.

How can I register my campers?

You will need to fill out a physical registration form from Hope church so that we can verify certain information, prior to registering for camp. Please let us know if you are interested in camp at your soonest convenience and we will get the form to you in-person.

Who do I call to discuss questions or concerns about camps?

Call (317) 872-9812, ext. 104 and ask for Jen.

When is my camper's balance due?

Camp balances are due the first day of camp at on-site check-in. Paying by cash or check saves time and money at check-in. If paying by credit card, a service fee will be added and more time will be needed at check-in.

What should I expect on the first day of camp, at check-in?

The first stop will be Lice Check, then the Gym of the Activities Center for check-in stations. Camper leaders will enter the check-in area while kids wait outside. Leaders should be prepared to pay the camper’s balance and receive rooming assignments and pre-paid T-shirts. Campers will need to give their leaders an envelope with their Full Name, Church City/Name, and Amount included marked on the outside (one for each camper). The bank will allow for deposits only. Students who have medications will take all medications to the nurse, along with a completed MAR.

How does the camp handle campers' money for spending?

Each camper is given a bank card instead of using actual money. Money can be deposited into the camper’s account at on-site check-in. Any unused money will be refunded back to the camper at the end of camp.

What do Group Leaders (counselors) do at camp?

Group Leaders will be assigned one or two rooms of campers (5-10 campers) to lead for the week. They will be the parents for the campers in terms of guidance, activities, attire, food, and more. Being a Group Leader requires physical activity and is the most rewarding and challenging position at camp.

Does IDAG Student Ministries do background checks on all leaders?

Yes, IDAG Student Ministries does background checks on all leaders. If your church has a current background check on file for you, a copy of that will be acceptable. If not, IDAG requires a phone call with your Full Name, Birthdate, and SSN, separate from your registration. You can call either Pam Burgan or Jen Reese with this information.

When will my camper meet their Group Leader?

Campers will meet their Group Leader shortly after moving into their dorms. Leaders will also be spread throughout the dorms for questions and answers.

Is there still room at kid's camps for campers and leaders?

Yes. There is still room available for campers and leaders, but camps are filling up quickly, especially in May. It is recommended to register before the June 1 deadline to avoid missing out on registration.

Can I send mail to my camper while they are at camp?

Yes. It is recommended to bring letters with you and deposit them in the camp mailbox at check-in. Mark each piece with the day of the week you wish your camper to receive the mail. Mail is intended to help the child refocus on God, not to reinforce how much you miss them. Please refrain from saying things like, I miss you so much because this will only cause your camper to be homesick.

Does camp have a nurse to help administer first aid and pass meds?

Yes. Each camp is staffed with a Licensed or Registered Nurse who will assist wherever they are needed. Medical Administration Records (MAR) are completed by the parents and brought to camp on the first day at check-in and given to the nurse.

Does Lake Placid offer dietary substitutions for campers with allergies?

A refrigerator is available for gluten-free foods, but certain food items must be provided by the child's family. Lake Placid does offer alternative, safe foods such as a salad bar, fruits, and vegetables.

Can my camper still get a T-shirt if I didn't prepay?

Yes. A small amount of shirts in various sizes will be sold at camp, but it is recommended to prepay when registering online.