Indiana Kids Camp FAQs: 

1) What ages should kids be to attend camp? Ages 8-11(and sometimes 12). 

2) What ages do leaders need to be to apply for camp? Jr Helpers can be 16-18 years old. All other leaders must be 18 and older. All leaders will have a background check completed by our office. 

3) Is there still room at kid’s camps for campers and leaders? Yes. We still have room. Our camps are filling up, though, so you won’t want to wait much longer. Usually, May is when camps start to really fill up. Don’t wait until the June deadline. You don’t want to miss getting everyone registered. 

4) What do Group Leaders (counselors) do at camp? Group Leaders will be assigned one or two rooms of campers (5-10 campers) to lead while you are at camp. You will, essentially, be their parents for the week. You will play with them on the activities field. You will pray with them in the altars. You will help them get ready for the day. You will help them know what to wear for each activity. You will help guide them in spending their camp cash card at the concession barn. You will love on them and be their trusted friend. Being a Group Leader does require some level of physical activity. Be prepared to be blessed and be prepared to give it all you’ve got! This position is the most rewarding and challenging position at camp! 

5) Does camp have a nurse to help administer first aid and pass meds? Yes. Each camp is staffed with a Licensed or Registered Nurse who will assist wherever they are needed. Medical Administration Records (MAR) are completed by the parents, brought to camp on the first day, at check-in, and given to the nurse. 

6) How does the camp handle campers’ money for spending? We have a bank card for each child to use, instead of using actual money. This helps when the child loses their bank card, because their names are on their bank cards. Kids always turn those in. The camper is then reunited with their lost card but doesn’t lose any actual money. Money can be deposited into the camper’s account at on-site check-in. Any unused money will be refunded back to the camper at the end of camp. 

7) If I don’t prepay for a camp T-shirt, can my camper still get one? Yes. We do order a small amount of shirts in various sizes that are sold at camp. Quantities are limited, so it is advised that you prepay for your camper’s shirt when registering them online. 

8) When is my camper’s balance due? Camp balances are due the first day of camp, at on-site check-in. Paying your balance by cash or check will save you time and money at check-in. If you choose to pay your camp balance by credit card, there will be a service fee added and more time will be needed at check-in. 

9) What should I expect on the first day of camp, at check-in? The first stop at check-in will be Lice Check. No one wants to talk about it, but it needs to be done. No campers will be admitted to camp if nits or lice have been found. Please pre-check your campers before bringing them on the campgrounds. The second stop will be in the Gym of the Activities Center. Be prepared to pay your camper’s balance. You will also bring all medications with you to give to the nurse, along with your completed MAR (mentioned above). The next stop will be at the bank. The on-site check-in bank will only allow deposits. Campers will be able to get their spending cards later that evening during concession time. Next, your child will receive their team wristband. After each camper has received their wristband, they will begin the process of finding their dorm room and moving in. Dinner will be served in the Dining Hall.  

10) When will my camper meet their Group Leader? Campers will meet their Group Leader shortly after they check-in and get moved into their dorms. We will have leaders spread throughout the dorms for questions and answers. 

11) Can I send mail to my camper while they are at camp? Yes, but make sure you send it well in advance if you are mailing it. Remember that it’s called snail mail for a reason. It is recommended that you bring your letters with you and deposit them in the camp mailbox at check-in. Just mark each piece with the day of the week you wish your camper to receive the mail. Mail is intended to help the child refocus on God, not to reinforce how much you miss them. Please refrain from saying things like, “I miss you so much” because this will only cause your camper to be homesick. We want them to focus on how much fun they are having at camp, not to focus on how much they are missing back home.  

12) Does Indiana District Student Ministries offer scholarships for campers? We always suggest that the local church offer scholarships for campers. There are plenty of people in your church who would love to sponsor a child to go to camp. All you must do is ask. In extenuating circumstances, IDAG might offer help, but that is on a case-by-case basis. Remember, if we could offer scholarships to everyone, we would just lower the price of camp. Camp is offered at the lowest price possible, to pay Lake Placid staff and facilities costs, to pay for supplies, to pay for camp speakers, and to pay for all the fun things your campers get to do for an entire week. 

13) Does Lake Placid offer dietary substitutions for campers with allergies? Yes. This is something that will need to be dealt with on a case-by-case basis. Contact the IDAG KidMin department for information about this. Certain food items will need to be provided by the child’s family, and a GF fridge is offered for those items. 

14) When is the deadline for camp? The deadline for camp is June 1st. Don’t wait until June 1st, however, as some of our camps can fill up quickly. It is advised that you set a group deadline in early May so that you will have time to gather your camper’s information, or to have plenty of time to remind those who missed your May deadline. This happens! Be prepared! 

15) Who do I call to discuss questions or concerns about camps? Call (317) 872-9812, ext. 104. Ask for Jen.  

16) Where can I go to register my campers or to apply as staff? You can follow this link: https://www.indianaag.org/ministries/kids-camp